Metrix Jewelry was founded in 2015 by owner and designer Lisa Mignoli. Lisa took her first metalsmithing class at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Fashion Business management.  After working in visual merchandising for a large teen retailer, she wanted to move away from mass market accessories and embrace a handmade culture.  Currently each piece of jewelry is made by hand by the designer herself.

 As a native New Yorker, Lisa is always used to a fast paced environment.  In a world that is always changing she finds comfort in the stability of geometric shapes and draws inspiration from them.  A square will always be a square and a triangle will always have three sides.   This is evident in Lisa’s metal work.  Many designs start out as a piece of brass or sterling silver wire or sheet and are manipulated to their end form.  Lisa’s design staples are her large, statement earrings.  Her work has be seen on Katy Perry,  the cover of Harpers Bazaar Kazakhstan, and on the hit television show How to Get Away with Murder. 

Each piece of Metrix Jewelry is handmade, polished, and set in Long Island, New York.  Even though multiples of pieces may be made, each piece is made to order and is as unique as you are.